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Customised Programs

We don’t just custom design! We take joy in understanding the specific challenges that your organisation faces and tailor make the programs to enable you resolve those. We appreciate that the challenges are unique and so we work our magic to create our unique solutions and resolve those challenges. This makes your own knowledge and expertise available to you fully.

Tools and Methodologies

We have an experience of a range of tools and methodologies to customise programmes for you. We use various management and psychological tools ranging from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Internal Family System, Working of the subconscious mind, Leadership in International context, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt theory, to as need be to bring transformation in the training room. Our USP though is to bring alive the understanding of the Eastern Wisdom and Western Philosophy in the context of the corporate world today. In all our programs, every now and then, we throw in a pinch or two of spirituality. In fact, our program design is closely wound around processes of self-discovery.

Most of our program structures use various methodologies of role-plays, experiential games (both training bound and dynamic workplace games), real-time discussions, mind-bending contemplation exercises and many more.

These activity based experiential trainings are designed to transform the perspective, behaviour and action individual or a group. These labs are designed to bring clarity and tap the potential to take integrated and aligned actions towards the vision of the organisation.