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Facilitation Programs

What is facilitation?

We consider facilitation as the art of simplifying the journey of a group towards their collective goal. Our facilitation, through various Phycological and Ontological processes, enables the individuals in the group itself to come up with the best understanding and course of action.

During the program we hold the space for contemplation, layout activities for the groups to expand their minds, widen perspectives and drive the group in the direction of collective clarity. This generates revelations about the subject in question or solutions for the problem being observed.

The Power of Alignment (2 days)
  • Align the minds of a group to the vision of the organisation
  • Understand and resolve inner and outer conflicts
ROAR - Leadership communication (2-3 days)
  • The mind-set of creating leaders, not followers
  • Expressing oneself to bring out the leadership in others during day to day work
Agile Mindset (3-4 days)
  • Understanding change and the transitory nature of things (from the basic principles of the Vedas)
  • Navigating with commitment through challenges (from the Theory of Karm-Fruit of Bhagwad Gita that won the battle)
Beingness retreat (3-4 days)
  • A rare absorption of Zen, Ontology and Silence in a luxurious and exotic setting
  • Emphasis on deepening the experience of ‘being’ before ‘doing’
  • The greatest minds of our planet have one thing in common – their ability to be still
Our Facilitation philosophy
  • To get to know you better before the programme starts we like to conduct a detailed pre-study of the unique challenges of your organisation.
  • Ease and simplicity are the backbone of our facilitation program.
  • We take a special interest in custom-designing the tools and games for your facilitation program. The program focuses of the exact parameters you’re your organisation is looking to improve on. The results are thus are driven in the specific areas of your interest. Our dedication is to convert your areas of bottlenecks into your areas of strengths. Our dedication is to convert