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Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs offer an opportunity to work on the subtle parts of one's mind and apply one's reflections practically towards personal and organisational goals.

What is coaching?

For us coaching is a systematic way of enabling your mind to clear the apparently clouded vision. A mind with a clear vision can take clear actions and unleash the potential within.

The difference between coaching and counselling:

Counselling may involve the prescription of a certain solution based on the analysis performed by the counsellor. Coaching, however, involves enabling one's own mind to decipher and resolve the apparent problem. It involves contemplation and is more of an internal process and hence transformative.

Good coaching inherently involves the removal of the coach from the scene when appropriate. We coach to bring the best out of you and leave you free and yet empowered to perform to your best.

Our expert coaching programs

Integration and Alignment to a Vision (6-8 sessions)

  • Inner and outer conflicts – conflicts take up a lot of energy, this energy can be conserved by understanding the conflicts we are dealing with
  • Integrity towards the vision – gathering our scattered energy and bringing our focus together to apply it only in the direction of our vision helps great deal in taking powerful actions
  • Alignment towards the vision – the ability to align several minds towards one vision is the key to accelerated progress
Agile Mindset (6-8 sessions)

  • Uncover the patterns of oneself that resist change
  • Discover one's hidden qualities and learn to lead the Agile mindset
Presence Thinking (8-10 sessions)

  • Explore the triggers that influence one's behaviour
  • Start taking powerful action – Be the cause to creation and not the effect of external circumstances
  • Become bulletproof to changeable external forces
  • Carry an effortless and powerful presence
Self-Discovery (8-12 sessions)

  • Understand the mind and its workings
  • Explore what we are beyond the body and the mind
  • Stay connected to the universal source within us
The power of personal coaching:

  • We deeply honour one's commitment towards oneself. We understand this is where the magic happens and we value it accordingly. We use Shoonyo Coaching (TM) method to bring out the best in you.
  • We take a certain joy in conducting a deep dive through one-on-one coaching.

By a deep dive, we mean enabling your mind to go to a different plane to be able to see through the problem or subject of contemplation.