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All You Need To Know About Emotional Management

Emotional management is the ability to control one's state of mind. On a daily basis, we experience a variety of emotions. Knowing how to change our emotional state whenever we want would put you in charge of your day.

Imagine being in the middle of an argument with your partner, spouse, husband, or wife. It is one of those frustrating moments when you are failing to express what you want to and the other is failing to understand you. Emotions are high.

Suddenly, your phone rings. You glance and realise that this is one phone call you have been waiting for, for a long time. The other party is finally responding to your proposal. This deal, if cracked, can make your life. It’s a make-or-break moment. Now, emotions are higher.

Do you think you will be able to keep your calm, communicate effectively, and see this deal through in spite of being in a frustrated emotional state?

Now it’s not just the frustration with your partner but also the anxiety about the deal that's playing up.

Now, here’s the good news. There are ways to manage and change your emotional state fairly quickly. Yes, it takes some understanding and some amount of practice emotional inteligence but it is not an impossible task to observe your emotions and change the state, come back to a winning state and operate from there.

Emotional Management

You learn tools and techniques that help you manage and change your state almost instantly… and what that means to you is better control of your life situations and a happy life.  

Imagine how well your performance can soar if you have this power at hand and have well practiced it. Also, don’t you think it will also help manage your relationship with your partner, making your relationship more harmonious? Haha … yes, that’s possible too.

You will see that you no longer carry or drag the emotional baggage from one situation to another, in fact, you are able to change the emotional state in the same situation itself. One situation at a time… Eventually you are taking your life in your own hands and your ongoing life experience has become that of effectiveness and harmony.

It’s possible.

Exercise that aids in the resolution of emotional challenges

Follow this exercise step by step whenever your emotions are high. To begin, acknowledge that you have been acting based on emotions and take a few paces away. Take 5 deep and slow breaths as the second step. Breathing connects the body, mind, and emotions. It's amazing how much deep breathing can help. Do this exercise whenever you feel your emotions are controlling you.

Keep Growing dear ones. Choose to be happy.

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About Author:

Shoonyo is a visionary and spiritual mentor. After 18 years of meditation and significant research into mind powers, NLP, martial arts practice with a black belt, healing practices, and deeper spiritual practices, he experienced the clarity of awakened space and began sharing with seekers.

Shoonyo worked as a business intelligence manager in London for 10 years. He abandoned an opulent international corporate career to guide people towards awakening space.

Shoonyo now runs 3 ventures in India; Corporate training and leadership, One:One mentoring, and a mental wellness NGO known as Shoonyo Foundation.

Other than business ventures, he has authored two books: " Looking for the obvious", an amazing work of spiritual fiction; and "Embodying Bhagavad Gita," a nine-month practical course on the Bhagavad Gita. He is Amazon's # 3 best-selling author and is cherished by elite readers.