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What is Integrity Mind Labs?

Integrity Mind Labs (IML) is an emerging player in Leadership, Business-mind development and Self-discovery. We bring together research on human mind and practical challenges of the corporate world to offer a range of open programs for individuals and customized programs for companies and other organizations. We are not a conventional training school. Our programs are based on the most detailed research on the working of the mind and consciousness carried out over last two decades. Our dedication lies in bringing resolution to company-specific challenges, and beyond.

We also conducting leadership development program in pune,mumbai,delhi and other in India.

How IML is not a conventional training company?

Our research and experience suggests that understanding psychology alone is not enough; there has to be a shift in consciousness to bring about a sustainable growth. We custom-design programs that not just have comprehensive elements of psychology and leadership but also elements of wisdom towards self-discovery. Our Unique Selling Point is to bring alive the understanding of the Eastern Wisdom and Western Philosophy in the context of the corporate world today. Yes, we bring zen to the business world.