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Customised Programs

Customised Programs

We don’t just custom design! We take joy in understanding the specific challenges that your organisation faces and tailor make the programs to enable you resolve those. We appreciate that the challenges are unique and so we work our magic to create our unique solutions and resolve those challenges. This makes your own knowledge and expertise available to you fully.

Tools and Methodologies

We have an experience of a range of tools and methodologies to customise programmes for you. We use various management and psychological tools ranging from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Internal Family System, Working of the subconscious mind, Leadership in International context, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt theory, to as need be to bring transformation in the training room. Our USP though is to bring alive the understanding of the Eastern Wisdom and Western Philosophy in the context of the corporate world today. In all our programs, every now and then, we throw in a pinch or two of spirituality. In fact, our program design is closely wound around processes of self-discovery.

Most of our program structures use various methodologies of role-plays, experiential games (both training bound and dynamic workplace games), real-time discussions, mind-bending contemplation exercises and many more.

These activity based experiential trainings are designed to transform the perspective, behaviour and action individual or a group. These labs are designed to bring clarity and tap the potential to take integrated and aligned actions towards the vision of the organisation.



Mahee Ranjnee

Shoonyo`s is an awesome orator, he is doing an amazing work by bridging the gap between spirituality and day to day life. Concepts of spirituality get clearer & brighter in his presence. Good work Shoonyo`s. Keep it up. We need more clones of you.

"He is fabulously and fantastic."



Marketing Director- Seobal Business Solution

Shoonyo`s is love! I love talking to him & just being around him.He is so different from other so-called Gurus. Shoonyo`s is fun & learning combined into one. He inspires you to be humble.

He inspires you to feel all of your emotions at their true intensity while recognizing that these are just emotions. In a way, he is more human than all of us- and still more enlightened.

It is during my most difficult times that his words come back to me repeatedly, encouraging me to remember that I am just an observer in a world of drama.In one line he is an amazing being and that is what makes him extraordinary ordinary.

"Eye opening, Heart-touching & Soul-Enlightening."


Komal Advani

Analyst- Deutshe Bank Group

"In today's world when your mind & heart is struggling for peace & stability Shoonyo`s sharing guided to keep calm and sort out things. “Things aren`t good or bad this is what we people make it”--is the best part of sharing I would like to quote. In short, his sharings are a lifeline in today's complicated world."

"Peace, Patience, Stability."


Sanam Mirpuri

His way of teaching is very innovative and forces you to think and find your own solution within yourself & lesson I learn three years back still remain with me & guide me in any situation.

"Its a life changing must have experience for any seeker of truth. His teachings are like a handbook for the day to day life. Life-saving & helps to stay afloat I everchanging world."


Faredoon Desai

The course was so worth it that I never felt any problem in driving 200 km per day.It brought me near to my goal. It was quiet enlightening & helped me work towards my liberation.

"It was a very good experience in all."


Pankaj S Jain

captain Anglo Eastern Ltd

It was An life hanging Experience with Shoonyo`s. I Attended Beliefs to Freedom which gave me a better understanding of self. It not only helped me to see myself but also to see how the mind plays a major role behind everything. BTF is an opportunity for us for an inner journey.

"Must do it."


Kammo Aunty

A most pragmatic master with solutions of every problem is it of a simple common man or the most distinguished personality. Its intriguing to know how an individual can cope with each & every problem going to the core & explaining with the individuals self-experimentations & sharing of practical experiences. So come for yourself to experience how your mind and System functions through various beliefs, conditioning & perceptions.Which are clearly visible through his teachings & way to the ultimate opens. The taste the nectar which is everyone's birthright. See for yourself & hire a beautiful enriched life.

"Taste the Nectar."


Lobhas Pradhakar

In a very crude language, if we consider human mind as a complex system, Shoonyo`s is a subject matter expert(SME). With experience & constant Experiments with life, he has acquired the skill. Where he can explain the most complex system(human Mind) in the simplest form possible. He is always there when you need him & he never seek followers, he always mentions “Appa Deepo Bhav”. No satasang points you towards yourself but Shoonyo`s does. He keeps you reminding where to look what to observe & most importantly how to do it.

"Its all About Bliss."


Madhav Shelke

I am following Shoonyo`s from last 2 years & within this 2 years changes in my life are amazing. It is difficult to express myself because it is beyond words.With deep gratitude I offer what is bright & joyful in my life today at the feet of Shoonyo`s.

"Love, Grace , Blessed."


Akshaya Pawar

My life turned up completely from imitation to authentication after meeting Shoonyo`s. My perception towards the world & most importantly towards myself just transformed. The way of doing anything & everything changed after listening to him. Things became more & more simpler & clear as they are.

I could connect to my inner strength & power I could listen to my inner voice & could take actions fearlessly in all areas of my life. Shoonyo`s talk brought clarity in my career, relationship with others & myself. It was not really possible without him. It happened just by listening & attending Shoonyo`s sessions

Now I am able to live my life fully,freely & beyond my fears & patterns.

He showed me a new way of living life a new way of thinking.

He changed me into something Beautiful.

"It was a very good experience in all."